Hallmark marketing campaign loves each one of “us”

Over the years, I’ve commonly heard Valentine’s Day called a “Hallmark holiday,” meant to sell cards, flowers, candy and dust-collecting stuffed animals. However, this year, Hallmark released a campaign I can get behind. In fact, I actually wish they had expanded on it.

The essence of the campaign is, instead of saying “I love you,” say “I love us.” By saying that, you acknowledge what you’ve been through, how far you’ve come and where you’re going. The tag line is “Life is a special occasion.”

Where I think they could have expanded this idea is in the word “us.” To me, “us” can include family, friends, work family, customers, Facebook friends or random people on the street. It can be as intimate as a couple and as broad as the human race. Loving “us” can mean whatever you want it to mean. It’s not for just couples, it’s for everyone.

In the hustle and bustle (and lately, there’s been plenty of that going around), sometimes it’s difficult to stop and smell the roses. Read an email instead of skim it. Ask someone how they are doing and wait for the answer. Holidays, even “Hallmark” ones, are good bookmarks and reminders to stop and do these things not only with clients but co-workers, spouses, family and friends, too.

Now, there’s no need to set up a kissing booth for clients or take the office out to lunch, but when you’re in the business of making customers happy, a holiday – no matter the occasion – is a good time to stop and share the love, so to speak, and a good excuse to reach out and say “hello” to a client who has been out of touch for awhile. It may cure the most cynical Valentine’s Day haters when they realize at the heart of the holiday, it’s all about love. Love for your customers, appreciation for your co-workers as well as giving recognition of jobs well done and progress reached.

So, to say that I was impressed with Hallmark’s campaign is accurate, even if I took it to the next level in my own head. As the Beatles said, “Love is all you need.”

Tiffannie Bond is the media relations specialist for Imagine Marketing.
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