Have you hugged your client today?

The topic of hugging in the workplace was discussed in a NPR story earlier this year. The person interviewed was against it and the piece offered tips on how to politely get out of a business hug. The rule of thumb was “hug sparingly,” and save hugs for special occasions.

// At Imagine, hugs – and selfies (with bunny ears) – bring clients closer. //

I had a little problem with this article and piece of advice. It could be because I come from a large, affectionate family where by the time you finish greeting everyone in the room with hugs and kisses, it’s almost time to leave and start the process all over again for the good-byes.

Or it could be because of the culture that is cultivated at Imagine.

More often than not, clients and visitors of Imagine are greeted with hugs for a couple of reasons. First, we tend to work with people who have the same mentality and values as we do, so they don’t mind a hug. Second, we really like our clients and are always happy to see them. This physical gesture translates into our work. When you treat clients like friends instead of clients, you tend to work harder and better because you like your friends and want to keep them. It’s one of the ways Imagine is different from other agencies, and we’re okay with that. So are our clients.

Nadia Zerka is an account manager at Imagine Communications. She can be reached by email at nzerka@weareimagine.com.


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