Having the “Right People” [10th Anniv. Special Edition]

It’s often been said by human resource and business experts that “People are our most valuable resource.” It should be restated to read, “Having the right people doing the right jobs is our most valuable resource.”

One of my favorite business books, “Good to Great,” authored by Jim Collins talks about having the right people (employees) on the bus, putting them in the right seats (skill sets for certain jobs) and then choosing your direction or destination (company goal).

Most entities tend to operate the other way: They choose their destination, put the passengers on the bus and then assign them random seats. The point is pretty simple: If you have the wrong passengers on the bus sitting in the wrong seats, it doesn’t matter what direction you head because you will never reach your destination.

The last decade at Imagine Marketing has been about putting the right people on the bus and assigning them the right seats.

As we get ready to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, our firm has gone from a one-person, home-based business to a fully integrated 14-person marketing and public relations firm. Along the way, employees have been personally selected by owner/founder D.J. Allen and senior partners Alex Raffi, Brian Rouff and Josh Griffin for their varied talents, personalities and motivation to make the firm a success.

Imagine Marketing is compromised of dreamers, realists, optimists, pessimists, leaders, followers, conformists and non-conformists. To a lot of companies, such a diverse group of people sounds like a recipe for disaster. For us, it’s quite the opposite. Our selective hiring process focuses not only on the potential employee’s professional background, but his/her personality and ability to fill a skill set that we may not yet possess. This process has had a huge impact on the consistency of the product that we supply to our customers and the internal balance that is required to run the day-to-day operations.

As we embark on our second decade, we realize that while we are still a long way from our ultimate destination, our bus is filled with the right passengers and we are continually striving to make sure they are in the right seats. It’s what will take us from good to great.

Jeff Jensen is the chief operations officer for Imagine Marketing.
Contact Jeff at jjensen@imnv.com.

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