If It Fits…

I had a few opportunities lately to observe how things fit—primarily with elderly women driving really big cars, and not being comfortable with where they are on the roadway. But it got me to thinking about how we fit into our world, or how we want the world to fit us.

Most of our internal conversations are concerned with “fit.” Do my clothes fit? Does my car fit my image? Does my job fit my abilities? Does my partner fit my ego? Does my religion fit my spiritual needs (or do my spiritual needs fit my religion)? Do my friends fit my lifestyle? Does my lifestyle fit my budget?

It seems our quest is to be comfortable, to not have things constrict or bind or interfere. If the pants don’t fit—and I’m assuming a weight gain here—put them to the back of the closet and buy some more. If the job is boring or unfulfilling, get another one. The minister makes you uncomfortable on Sunday mornings? Find another church. Friends don’t make you happy? Look for some new ones. Budget too tight? Use a credit card.

This sounds pretty grim and cynical, doesn’t it? But just how comfortable have we become? Or should I say complacent? We are a nation of wonders and wealth. So much of our focus is on gaining more … whether it be money or cars, friends or free time, titles or tax credits. So when do we start giving? When does our “fit” become a little too tight, a little too uncomfortable, and when do we start to look at the bigger picture, to see what is pressing in on us? When do we decide to let out the seams of our comfortable lives and expand a little?

The Imagine Marketing team has created a role in the bigger picture, both personally and professionally. Individuals at our office give back to their communities in many ways by volunteering in areas that will create a better world—traveling to Central America on a medical mission, helping to clean up the environment, participating in the Race for the Cure or autism awareness functions, being an advocate for a child, finding ways to bring hope to an adult or by being a part of the world-wide community and all that entails. They volunteer their time by sitting on governing boards of organizations focusing on better lifestyles for everyone, or they participate in “hands-on” projects. They volunteer their time in churches and in social ministries to feed the disadvantaged. They create awareness through their gifts of art and writing.

The Imagine Marketing team has had the opportunity to work together with some of our clients to help bring awareness to the community, to change lives and to make a difference. Our monthly newsletter has a “Get Connected” column that shows how you too can take action, either by connecting with one person at a time or one world at a time. Take a little of your time to click through the links and see what is out there that you can do. It’s worth it!

Sue Burkholder is the Company Mom at Imagine Marketing.
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