Imagine Celebrates 20 years of Ideas and Solutions!

Founded in 2000 as the brainchild of Alex Raffi and D.J. Allen, Imagine was conceived as a marketing firm with both brains and heart, driven by creative problem solving in a business context.

Alex and D.J.’s fledgling business moved forward as the very first startup to graduate from the newly-founded Henderson Business Resource Center. When Imagine opened its doors for business in 2000, and for the first years thereafter, our clients were exclusively Henderson, NV based businesses.

Eventually, D.J. moved on to pursue motivational speaking and leadership consulting. Brian Rouff, a local marketing professional and author who had mentored the Imagine team came on board as Managing Partner, a perfect complement to Alex in the role of Creative Director.

Today, Imagine powers into 2020 creating marketing solutions for North American businesses of all types and sizes. Our nimble team strategizes, designs, and employs marketing expertise to best suit the expanding needs of our clientele.

Imagine’s offerings include:

  1. Website Design & Development
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Online Marketing / Advertising
  4. Brand Development & Management
  5. Public Relations / Media Relations
  6. Newsletters, Blogs & Ghostwriting
  7. Photography­­ & Videography
  8. Audio and Visual for Presentations
  9. Social Media Consultation
  10. Book Publishing
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