Imagine Communications = a brighter tomorrow

As many of you are already aware, Imagine Marketing of Nevada, Inc. rolled out a new brand and a new DBA as Imagine Communications on July 18. While the new brand means different things to different people, for me it simply means a brighter tomorrow for our already successful company.

I truly believe that our new brand developed its roots in October of 2008. That’s right, nearly three years ago. That was the first month that Imagine felt the wrath of what has become known as the “Great Recession.”

After a couple of months of digging holes, jumping in and then shoveling dirt on ourselves, we quickly realized that in order to survive, we were going to have to reinvent ourselves.

Behind the leadership of senior partners Brian Rouff and Alex Raffi, we started to explore ways to build our company through offering new products and services. We could no longer be strictly reliant on graphic design and public relations, which had been the staple of Imagine since its inception.

We implemented social media, extensive video production, animation, lobbying, business seminars, business operations/development and even book publishing. And while this process hasn’t been easy or quick (downright painful in many instances), I am proud to say we are now turning the corner to a brighter tomorrow.

Our new brand better reflects the complete line of products and services we offer as well as a clean and modern look that reflects upon the youthful exuberance that is brought to our firm by staff members like Cynthia Carbajal, Megan Lane, Melissa Rothermel and Nadia Zerka, who were all responsible for much of the look and implementation of the new brand.

Imagine Communications is simply an evolution of what founder and majority shareholder D.J. Allen started in 2000. While the look may have changed, our creative energy and dedication to our clients remains the same.

Jeff Jensen is the Chief Financial Officer for Imagine Communications.
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