Imagine – Did you know?

With all of these “XX things you probably didn’t know about me” posts going around Facebook, I thought it might be fun to do one for Imagine. Here goes.

Ten things you might not know about Imagine:

  1. We are headquartered in Henderson, Nev., but we also have satellite home offices in Flint (near Detroit), Mich., and Deltona (near Orlando), Fl.
  2. Imagine has had four headquarters since it was established in 2000 – a kitchen table, the Henderson Business Resource Center, 1700 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway, and the building we’ve been in since 2006, 11500 S. Eastern Ave.
  3. Our employees have all kinds of crazy diet restrictions or quirks. Combined, we have two gluten allergies, one low starch, one no cow’s milk, one almost no cow’s milk, one tomato allergy, one vegetarian, one pescetarian, one crab allergy and one banana allergy. And yet, we have some amazing potlucks.
  4. Our biggest client is the international leadership for the unionized sheet metal industry. We work with their education branch, their health and safety branch and their energy management (emerging markets) branch.
  5. We like our employees. A lot. We’re a 13-year-old company; our longest-running, non-partner employee is going into her 10th year with us. I’m the second-longest, at 8.5 years.
  6. Speaking of employee happiness, we’ve actually fired clients. Many times. Even during the recession. Usually it’s been because they won’t let us do our jobs for them. Sometimes it’s because they’ve put our media relationships at risk, and sometimes it’s because they’re mean or disrespectful to our staff.
  7. We also don’t take on just anyone as a client. When we meet potential clients, they are interviewing us and we’re interviewing them. On our end we’re looking for a few things: Can we help them? Do we believe in their product/service? Do we believe we can have a good working relationship with them?
  8. In some ways, many of us employees have created our own jobs. For example, I’m the Director of Media Relations, but I really enjoy editing and am good at it, so I’m also our company editor. Tiffannie Bond is our Media Relations Specialist, but she’s also a talented photographer, so she became our company photographer.
  9. We do book publishing – from ghost writing, to editing, to cover design, to printing.
  10. We hire more for attitude than we do for experience. Of course, we’re looking for people who can do the job we’re hiring for, but we’ll choose someone with less experience and the right attitude over someone with more experience and a bad attitude.

Melissa Biernacinski serves as Director of Media Relations for Imagine Communications. Email Melissa at

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