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Working in a creative industry gives us the unlimited opportunity to explore ideas and strategies for our clients. But we can also fall into a rut and feel uninspired at times, so we asked Imagine team members to share where they go to for inspiration. Answers ran the gamut and were shared on our social media over the last month or so. We decided to compile everything into one handy list to share again with our readers.

Art Director Cynthia Carbajal has found many cool artists and buckets of inspiration listening to the I Like Your Work Podcast.

Managing Partner Brian Rouff has long been a follower of business guru Seth Godin, an original thinker whose humanistic approach to marketing often aligns with his own.

Tiffannie Bond, PR director/company photographer, enjoys following Jeff Cable Photography, a photographer known for teaching photography around the world and photographing events.

Creative Director and Partner Alex Raffi listens to the Radiolab podcast for interesting stories on science, problem solving and creativity.

PR Coordinator Celestia Ward enjoys listening to The Art of Charm, a podcast covering everything from reframing impostor syndrome to the art of critical thinking.

Account Director Nadia Zerka loves listening to the Launch and Beyond podcast for strategies on how to approach business (and life) situations.

Controller Donna Namchek has found insight through her free subscription to Spark People, including this article on procrastination.

Senior Designer Julie Varley recently stumbled upon Designspiration, a website resource for inspiration. The setup is similar to Pinterest but filtered for the eye of a creative.

PR Assistant Nicole Musolino is a fan of Udemy courses, which allow you to learn from industry experts on almost any topic of interest.

Account Director Bobby Long enjoys Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog to gain motivational ideas and strategies about compelling content.

We encourage you to share where you find inspiration in the comments!

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