Imagine’s random list of things everyone should know how to do

Because why not write a blog on such important matters?

The idea for this blog came from an internal conversation among a few of us and was assembled just for fun. Everyone’s input was included, including those that were disputed; this is not a terribly scientific list. But I digress.

Here’s our list of random things everyone should know how to do. What would you add?


  • Change a tire
  • Drive a stick shift
  • Read a map
  • Know north/south/east/west in your home town
  • Calculate a 15-percent and 20-percent tips in your head
  • Tie a tie
  • Put together a résumé
  • Parallel park
  • Perform CPR
  • Start a charcoal fire with a wad of paper and a match
  • Measure the amount of air in a tire and find a tire’s air pressure requirement
  • Correctly complete a job application
  • Change an air filter in your home
  • Properly order steak or eggs at a restaurant
  • Doggy paddle
  • Float
  • Kill a zombie
  • Walk like an Egyptian (or Tarkanian)
  • Write in cursive
  • Tell time the old fashioned way
  • Do the Running Man
  • Find and operate your electrical box
  • Operate your household appliances
  • Access and log into all of your household’s accounts
  • Walk in heels
  • Take a shot without wincing
  • Talk sports
  • Use a Neti-pot
  • Hard boil an egg and plunge a toilet, not necessarily at the same time
  • Ask for what you want
  • Use a drill
  • Be able to turn off all the water in your house
  • Spell (or know how to use spell check)
  • Do laundry (without changing your whites funky colors)
  • Load a dishwasher properly
  • Know important phone numbers by heart
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