In less than 90 days

Being a newbie wasn’t something I was eagerly looking forward to; having worked in the financial arena prior to my job here at Imagine, I anticipated change.

I knew there would be significant differences and industry paradigms to embrace. And though I have a degree in communications, I lacked a measure of professional experience within the marketing industry. It felt like college all over again – I was eager to begin a new career, excited about starting a new chapter in my life, but I must admit, I was a little anxious about the uncertainties that lay ahead.

In spite of the ambiguities, however, I was ready. Ready to learn, ready to grow, ready to work, ready to experience. I was just plain ready. As I participated and progressed within my position, I quickly realized there are two things I truly enjoy about my work – things I see daily, that are of great benefit, and that best describe my 90-day experience at Imagine Communications. They have transformed my “I have to work” mentality into an “I enjoy working” mentality. They are, in my opinion, necessary catalysts of a healthy and progressive company. These two things are teamwork and a unique company culture.

Teamwork is perhaps Imagine’s strongest trait. Simply put, we are a team of creative minds, sharing ideas to achieve a common goal. My being new has not hindered team participation; if anything, my new ideas are valued, my input is sought after, and my creativity is encouraged. We work as a team and grow as a team.

Equally as valuable is Imagine’s uniquely inclusive company culture. Yes, we are a team, but our diverse individualities are the life blood of our culture. I’ve come to realize how a strong team and a rich company culture can positively impact an employee’s experience.

It is the paradox of encouraging individuality that cultivates the team and enriches the culture. Imagine’s strength lies in this balance, and it’s the importance of this balance that I discovered in less than 90 days.

Diana Chege serves as client relations assistant at Imagine Communications. Email Diana at .

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