Inconsistent efforts don’t add up to much

I’ve been going to the gym since I was 14. I’ve been in karate since I was 12. In addition to participating in a litany of other sports and athletic activities over the years, I – as a rule – eat pretty clean and healthy. Yet, I am approximately – and usually – 10 to 15 pounds over my ideal weight. Why is this? Because I’m inconsistent.

I offset all my working out by skipping weeks here and there. I undermine my largely healthy eating habits by giving in to temptations of cheese and french fries and other such high-calorie “treats.”

I exercise regularly, except for when I don’t. I eat healthy, except for when I don’t.

The same goes for inconsistent marketing and PR efforts. I’ve noticed some businesses tend to want to do their marketing in bursts. They’ll do a big push and see results, so they then quit focusing on marketing. Suddenly, they realize business has significantly slowed, so they do another big marketing push. And so it goes.

This inconsistent approach isn’t just bad for business; it’s also bad from an employee perspective because sometimes your employees will be too busy and stressed and sometimes they’ll be achingly bored. Such a roller coaster isn’t one most employees would want to ride. (It’s not one most dieters want to be on, either.)

So here’s my advice for myself, if I choose to accept it, as well as for any business: Get off the roller coaster. Find a maintainable approach and maintain it! Your future self will thank you.

Melissa Biernacinski serves as Director of Media Relations for Imagine Communications. Email Melissa by clicking here.

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