Interning at Imagine Communications

My name is Rebecca Ioane, and I’m a sophomore at the Las Vegas Academy. I’m also a relatively OK guitarist and a media relations intern at Imagine Communications. Let me tell you, this is one of the coolest places I’ve ever set foot in.

OK, this opportunity is hands down the coolest thing I’ve ever had the privilege of doing. At first, I was mildly to extremely terrified because it was a new environment, and I didn’t know all the people. However, my very first day I realized how wrong I was to have any sort of emotion in my system other than excitement!

As an aspiring writer, it’s really quite incredible to be able to work with people who write for a living. I had never even really considered writing nonfiction as a career option. So, I took their advice and subscribed to the AP Stylebook online and started learning more about it. Not only does it help me here, but it’s useful at school for writing essays and important papers.

The environment is really one of my favorite things about spending time at Imagine because everybody welcomes you with open arms (and the occasional food offering, but that’s not as important). It’s a close-knit group of friends working together on the things they love, and I think that’s what everyone should aim to do. I would compare it to lunchtime at school, where you’re sitting with all your friends and you’re all chatting and enjoying yourselves, but being productive at the same time.

My personal favorite part is the good vibes everywhere. It’s always really great when you can just sit back and revel in the happiness around you, and I think that it’s unique when you find this in a working environment. I mean, I’ve been in school for the past 11 years, and not once have I ever heard somebody express excitement about whatever they’re doing in math that day. I love my school and there is happiness all over, but it’s not eternal like I feel at Imagine.

I also appreciate how it’s helping me grow, both as a writer and a person. I’ve seen my ability increase, and I feel like I’m improving at developing characters and tone by using fewer words. I’ve also found I’m able to become more comfortable with people, which is a huge accomplishment for me as a normally very shy person.

All in all, I think this place is awesome! It’s marvelous that anything even remotely similar to Imagine Communications exists. There are so many glorious things about working here, and I think this place just radiates fun productivity (which is normally an oxymoron, but it’s actually a thing here) and all-around good vibes!

Rebecca Ioane is a student, intern, rock star, and lifetime learner.

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