It may not seem like a big deal, but it is


Megan and I tend to get excited over a lot of the same (somewhat geeky) things: social media, blogging, libraries, Blossom reruns on Hub Network, and the list goes on. When the news of Imagine’s new phone system hit the airwaves, she was the first person I received an email from about how exciting it was going to be. I was just as excited for similar, yet different, reasons. So, we did what one would expect from us: we wrote a joint blog. –Nadia

Megan’s story

The phone system we had, until recently, had resided in the walls of Imagine for longer than I have worked here. As the “voice of Imagine” (you’ll hear my voice when you call in after hours), I knew the phones we had could do a lot, but the system was very complicated, so making them work to their full capability had long been abandoned. And then, we got the new system. Much simpler with functions that we could use and, we hope, will become part of our daily lives.

I was excited and the idea of picking up the phone instead of sending an email to my co-workers seemed fun again. As cheesy as it may seem, the phones made me excited and, like Nadia, I was delighted to know that not only would they make interoffice communication easier, but they would link together our entire company no matter where an employee was working from.

Sure there have been small hiccups in learning the new system, but the benefits definitely outweigh the growing pains.

Nadia’s story

Last month, Imagine switched to a fancy new phone system. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is. The new system does what you would expect: allows for placing calls, answering calls, transferring calls, the usual. There’s also intercom and overhead paging functions, which can be a lot of fun.

The phone system also does something you may not expect. It connects me to my co-workers across the country. With three offices across the country, it can be hard to stay connected. Now, with a press of a button, I can reach anyone in the company. Yes, in theory, that’s the same capability I had with my cellphone. But it’s no longer a process. It’s no longer calling the main line, making small talk with whoever answers and then finally getting who I wanted to reach for a quick question. It’s no longer getting detached text messages or emails. It’s pressing a button and having that human connection.

Working remotely can be a challenge at times. You are no longer part of the everyday nuances of an office. You don’t get to go to lunch with your co-workers and you can’t pop your head in someone’s office with a question. Having this new phone, as simple as it may seem, is a pretty big deal because now I’m a small part of everyday office life again.

Megan Neri serves as Director of Client Relations at Imagine Communications. Contact Megan at or at extension 124.

Nadia Zerka is an account manager at Imagine Communications. She can be reached at or at extension 125.

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