Just set a meeting

I’ve been arguing with my chiropractor for a few months now. He owns a couple of businesses, and I’ve been trying to set a meeting with him. (Hey, opportunity is everywhere.) Our conversations usually go something like this:

Him: “I’m opening a new business next week.”

Me: “Awesome. When are you going to set a meeting with me?” 

Him: “Soon. I have to increase my business first so I can afford advertising.” 

Me: “You know how you increase your business? Advertising.”

Rinse and repeat at the next appointment.

When opening a new business, people will budget for real estate, products, employees and fees. The “essentials,” if you will. Too often, marketing is an afterthought and by the time they realize they need a logo, they’ve blown through all their cash and need something quick and cheap.

A good logo makes the company look good. By the same token, a poorly designed logo makes the company look bad. – Where do Logos Come From? (The Birth of a Logo)

One of the first and most identifiable parts of your brand is your logo. So why is it so hard for some to allocate money to create a good logo? Having a website (and not just relying on “free” social media, which, as we all know, isn’t free) is essential in this day and age. So why is it unfathomable to set aside money to create one? You want customers in the door and making the register ding. So why don’t business owners plan to advertise to make it happen?

Marketing and its buddies are intangible. You can’t hang marketing on the wall, and you can’t put it in a pretty container. As a result, it’s left out of the budget and forgotten about until it’s too late. No one knew about your store or your product and now you’re scrambling to figure out why and what you can do to save it.

My plea to anyone who is opening a business is this: set aside money for marketing. Just as you plan to spend money on a location and a phone line, plan to spend money on branding and advertising.

P.S. If your business needs saving, we do that too. Just set a meeting.

Nadia Zerka is an account manager at Imagine Communications. Click here to set a meeting.

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