Lessons from the office apply to everyday world [10th Anniv. Special Edition]

MorganA freshman in college at the time, it’s been two-and-a-half years since I began my career here at Imagine Marketing. Now, just months away from graduating with my bachelor’s degree in business from UNLV, what I’ve come to gain from my experience at Imagine are not the traditional lessons a person learns while at the office.

Instead what I learned are lessons that are applicable to every area of life. And, in celebration of 10 strong years at our firm, I’d like to share with you 10 lessons Imagine Marketing has taught me:

  1. Be precise – By being precise, mistakes are eliminated and results are improved. One of my fellow team members that I admire most is Melissa. She is dedicated to perfection and has an eye for detail.
  2. Share happiness – The supportive atmosphere is one of my favorite parts of working at Imagine. Everyone is eager to spread happiness, even in the simplest ways. People like Gail and Amber share in my happiness daily when I show off pictures of my beautiful niece.
  3. Smile every chance you can – Megan always has a smile and her upbeat, positive attitude is part of what makes her great at her job.
  4. Seize every opportunity – One of the great things about working at Imagine is how everyone is so willing to teach each other. I admire Alex because he is constantly trying something new and eager to share it with everyone on the team.
  5. We all need moms – It is amazing how you need a mother figure even when at work. Sue is always there to make sure everything works right, everybody is on schedule and most importantly, to offer hugs when needed.
  6. Dress for success – I don’t think I have ever seen Wes in a single mismatching outfit, ever. He is the perfect example of dressing the way that you want to be represented – something I am learning to do every day.
  7. The simplest way is probably the best way – Beth has taught me one of the most important lessons. If there is a simple method of doing something, do it. There is no need to overcomplicate anything, be it daily work or planning a wedding as she is doing now.
  8. You can do it all – I have always wanted to do it all. From bus driver to pediatrician, I find it all fascinating and the idea of committing to one thing for my entire life scares me. Imagine has shown me that you can do it all. Ehsan, for example, is able to be a successful marketing professional and moonlight as a great real estate agent.
  9. Make your dreams come true – Brian is one of the few people I have seen who is able to successfully run a business and fulfill his passion of writing books.
  10. Have fun – The Imagine team has shown me how to have fun in everything. Whether at work or home, a little bit of fun goes a long way. Be it through a juicing party during lunch, creating spontaneous dance videos or hosting impromptu office Olympic contests. Imagine knows what fun is.

Morgan Doyle is a junior account executive at Imagine Marketing.
Contact Morgan at mdoyle@imnv.com

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