Let’s talk rebranding

You’ve probably thought about the idea of rebranding already, and if you haven’t your day will most likely come. Rebranding can be intimidating. You’ve already put your name out there and the last thing you want to do is confuse or lose your target audience. Although it may appear risky, we can’t ignore the rewards that result from taking a leap and confronting the tasks that intimidate us.

Knowing the right time and understanding the process isn’t always clear. The reasoning behind rebranding varies from one company to the next and the process it requires to complete a rebrand successfully isn’t always the same.

Identifying your company’s mission, the audience you hope to speak to and the direction you envision for your team is important. A clear understanding of your company may sound obvious but you’d be surprised how much can be learned with just a little internal research. If you’ve reached the point where you know your mission and the audience you’re interested in speaking to then you’ve reached the point where you can start to ask yourself some questions.

Has your mission evolved since you started the company? Is your target audience being spoken to through your branding? Has your company experienced change? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time to consider rebranding.

When you rebrand, you are updating the look and feel of your company. The identity will be understood and new prototypes will be brainstormed. Concepts and first drafts of the update will be organized and reviewed internally through your marketing firm. Revisions and final tweaks will take prior to presenting and approval. Once the fresh look and feel is established the new brand will be launched.

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Senior Designer Julie Varley is Imagine’s resident ray of sunshine, which is fitting given her Florida residence.

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