Making Imagine’s outside match what’s inside

When a business is born (especially of the entrepreneurial kind) a lot of effort is put into finding a name that truly matches the essence and spirit of what that business will offer, as well as a name that will stand the test of time. This is very true for Imagine. The dream for Imagine was to be the next best thing to your in-house marketing department, employing business-minded individuals who were passionate about their craft, whether it be writing, graphic design, advertising or strategic planning. When Imagine Marketing of Nevada was conceived, the name and the tagline, “The Creative Business Thinkers,” clearly communicated the firm’s offerings.
Over the last 11 years we have grown and changed in many ways to accommodate the needs of our clients, to utilize the talents of our team and ultimately to survive a tough economy. In addition to our internal growth, the perception of the word “marketing” has also changed. Rather than communicating an umbrella of service offerings, it seems “marketing” has become muddled and, in many ways, misunderstood.
Yet, despite these internal and external changes, Imagine has continued to wear the same name. It’s like Imagine has been fine-tuning its communication muscles, which are now busting through the metaphorical marketing T-shirt. If we chose to ignore these changes, we would ultimately be doing a disservice to ourselves, our current clients and our prospective customers. In some ways, changing our name to Imagine Communications happened on its own.
Personally, I am excited for the change. When I started at Imagine nearly eight years ago, I was a recent college graduate hungry to be part of a team that cared about what they did. I found that team in Imagine, and now, as a team, we have the passion coupled with experience and know how to communicate in almost any capacity on behalf of our clients.
I feel like a kid going back to school after a long summer, excited to share with my friends the new upgraded version of myself with great stories to tell and a new wardrobe and haircut to boot. Ultimately, the root of who Imagine is has stayed the same. And now, with a new name, our outside image will once again match what is happening within our offices at Imagine Communications.
Megan Lane is part of the client relations team at Imagine Communications.
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