Making money on social media

Check out this blog written by Imagine's Managing Partner, Brian Rouff.

A client asked me recently, “How do I monetize social media?” The short (and truthful) answer is, you can’t. At least not in the sense of using it as a delivery vehicle for ads disguised as posts. That’s the fastest way to lose followers and friends. People, after all, are inundated with sales messages everywhere they turn. Why add to all that noise?

Instead, play the long game, which means building your online relationships. How? The same way you develop your offline ones; by providing value, being generous and giving people useful, interesting and/or entertaining content. That’s the blueprint for becoming their go-to person when they have a need, a question or a concern.

Will some folks take advantage? Sure. But not nearly as many as you think. Most will reciprocate in kind. And while you’re engaging in all that sharing, you’ll also be creating awareness, trust and all those other things that organically lead to – you guessed it – sales!

Imagine that.

Brian Rouff serves as managing partner at Imagine Communications. He can be reached by email by clicking here.

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