MARKETING: Are you fishing the right streams and using the correct gear?

Growing up in Southwestern Montana, fishing is more of a way of life than a hobby. Within striking distance of my hometown are three of the greatest blue ribbon trout streams in the United States: The Beaverhead, Big Hole and Madison rivers.

Conditions on the streams vary at different times during the spring and summer, and anglers must consider a number of factors before selecting a location. Water flow and temperature, water visibility, time of day, fly hatches and selecting the proper fly and rod are just a few of the variables to a successful day. The wrong stream or the wrong gear can make all the difference regardless of the skill level of the angler.

Business is no different. Your market serves as the stream and your product or service serves as your gear. A poor choice of streams or gear in the New Economy can make the difference between financial stability or financial disaster.

Research your market and look at all the variables. Are you just throwing hooks in any stream that comes along? If so, you are probably finding the fishing pretty poor. Define your markets and make sure they can support your product or service. In the New Economy, markets change quickly, so have management processes in place that can rapidly respond to these changes.

Are you fishing with the correct gear? If not, you won’t be getting many bites. Break down your product or service and see what it offers your potential and current clients. And remember that value is in the eye of the beholder. What one client values, another may not. Make sure your gear (product or service) is flexible and can adapt to different client needs.

So, conduct your research, select the proper stream, use the proper gear, and you will start catching your share of the fish.

Jeff Jensen is the Chief Operating Officer for Imagine Marketing.
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