Marketing off the mat

I recently had the pleasure of simultaneously indulging in two of my favorite pastimes: blackjack and yoga. And no, it’s not a new type of double-down-ward dog fitness trend … although that would be interesting. I was playing blackjack at Casino Windsor and got into a conversation with the dealer about yoga and found out that his wife owns a yoga studio in Windsor.

Eastside Yoga Centre is their brick and mortar place, a studio fighting to stand out in an over-saturated market. Alan, the dealer, explained that competition was fierce and those who practice yoga have several places from which to choose. So he and Dianne, his wife, came up with a unique way to differentiate themselves while expanding and reaching an entire new customer base, all without incurring any additional overhead. They opened an online studio., an online extension of their brand, has more than 50 classes available and they are adding new ones weekly. The tagline, “Your Studio, Wherever You Are” sums up the experience perfectly. They found a niche market for those who practice yoga and may not always have the time or energy to attend a class. And the cost is reasonable; only $12 a month gives you unlimited access to classes – less than the average cost of one drop-in class at a yoga studio. Since opening in 2012, the site has attracted members from around the globe.

What Dianne and Alan created is nothing short of brilliant. They found a way to be successful without sacrificing the integrity of the product. They found a way to expand without taking on too much risk. They found a way to give the people what they want, when they want it. It’s the perfect storm of creative courage and business sense that creates a marketing strategy that works.

If you are facing an over saturated market, take a step back and think about your products. How can you expand your product or service offering? Are you serving your customers or yourself? How can you take your marketing off the mat?

Nadia Zerka is a client relations manager at Imagine Communications.


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