May I see your photo ID?

“Where are you from?” One of the most frequently asked questions, especially in our area, since relatively few of us are actually “from” here. I think the question is synonymous with the question, “Who are you?” I’ve lived in Southern Nevada for over 20 years, but I still think of myself as a Northern Nevadan. Is that truly who I am or merely where I’m from? My location challenge will increase exponentially in a couple of months when I relocate to Washington State. This is a planned, permanent move, but I will be coming back to visit fairly frequently. Does that automatically make me a Washingtonian? Or a semi-snowbird? Or do I get to join the ranks of Nevada ex-pats? I’m not sure I’ll ever be comfortable saying I am anything but a Nevadan. Will that make a difference as to who I am?

Identity is a funny thing. We are told to create ourselves, or re-create who we think we should be, not to let the world tell us who we are. Conversely, I’ve been told that this move will allow me to set new goals, reinvent my life (apparently sitting back and collecting my retirement may not be enough) and be everything I’ve always wanted to be. I may even get to be somebody.

But now I’ve learned that even if I stayed, my identity, or at least one of those things I identify with, will be changing. As of now, Imagine Marketing has become Imagine Communications. The name change itself is a small thing. After all, we’ve downsized from “Imagine Marketing of Nevada, Inc.” to “Imagine Marketing” and have even just used “IMNV.” Now the company and all those who dwell within is Imagine Communications.

Imagine Marketing is not reinventing itself, or relocating, or buying into the frenetic marketing hype that a fluctuating world market seems to generate. Imagine Communications will simply reflect the needs of its clients as they move with the times. Marketing continues to evolve, and will as long as there are goods and services being offered. It is up to Imagine Communications to recognize what is needed and to meet that demand. So what might seem to be a simple name change with a new fresh look and logo is also this company’s commitment to provide the full spectrum of communication needs for every client.

It has been exciting to watch how our clients’ needs continue to be met, albeit with a completely different focus than when I joined Imagine Marketing a little over six years ago. I see it in the amount of social networking maintenance provided to our clients, the move to electronic newsletters, calendars, blogs, tweets, etc. as primary communication sources. The client relations, media relations and graphics teams are all committed to providing the best, most up-to-date sources and resources for our clients to communicate, whether it is as simple as an intra-department training forum or as complex as a multi-level corporate advertising campaign available to the world.

I will miss Imagine Communications nee Imagine Marketing. Every person here is a part of my second family. The 1,331 miles difference will almost be erased with today’s instant communications (there’s that word again) and I will be able to keep in touch, watch their success, and know that where I am “from” will be well-served by the people of Imagine Communications.

And thank you to all of you for letting me be,

Company Mom

Sue Burkholder serves as Company Mom for Imagine Communications. Email Sue at

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