Meagan McCall: Junior Designer

Join us in congratulating Meagan McCall on her recent promotion to junior designer. Meagan started at Imagine in January as an intern in the Graphics Department and is currently a student at UNLV. Learn more about Meagan below, and drop her a note to say “Hello!”

How did you come to Imagine? My boss at my part-time job in the UNLV computer labs is Alex’s (one of the owners at imagine) neighbor. He knew I was interested in graphic design and let me know about the internship.

What type of projects will you be working on? Layout and design of advertisements, websites, business cards and similar products.

Do you have any personal passion projects? I love to paint and knit, so I started an Etsy shop, where I can sell any paintings or knitted projects I’ve created.

What are you studying at UNLV? When do you graduate?
I am a marketing student, expecting to graduate in 2018.

Where is your favorite spot to travel to and why?
Atlanta, Georgia. My dad and his family live there, so it’s nice to visit with family. Also, between the humidity and kudzu, it seems like a whole other country.


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