Missed opportunities = lost passive income

Brand, brand, brand

I take my pup, Kora, for a walk several mornings a week. Each morning, we walk by a house that has a really cool garden hose. (Yes, garden hose.) It’s a nice shade of neon-ish green, lightweight and looks kink-resistant. It’s so lightweight-looking that it hangs loosely from its hose hanger at the side of the house. For slightly artsy types like myself, this hose simply demands to be looked at and its twin purchased.

Our hose – which came with our house – is an ugly neutral tan color, heavy and kinks effortlessly – sometimes before I’ve even moved it.

I’ve been eyeing the aforementioned green hose for a while now and after several unsuccessful Google/Amazon/etc. searches, this morning resorted to taking Kora right up to the house to find out the brand. I looked, and I looked, and wouldn’t you know – there’s no brand stamped on the hose. Even my ugly, persistently kinked hose has its brand proudly emblazoned on it.

While the actual numbers are anyone’s guess (much like their brand name), I would venture to say that this huge error in branding is costing this company a lot of passive income. I can’t be the only neighbor secretly coveting this company’s product, hanging prettily and kinklessly from a nearby home. Considering most garden hoses – especially pretty ones – hang loosely and visibly from the side of houses, this company’s product can easily market itself just by doing what it does.

But instead, this company has created a situation for itself where it must rely on constant advertising/PR as well as word-of-mouth (should people happen to remember its name) for every single sale – a much more exhausting, costly route. Too bad.

Melissa Biernacinski serves as Director of Media Relations for Imagine Communications. Email Melissa at mbiernacinski@weareimagine.com.

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