Moments of Discovery

I had a chance recently to speak to people about storytelling. The best stories are either true or inspired by truth. Whenever I’m invited to talk about creativity, I always bring up the importance of becoming aware of our moments of discovery. We tend to gloss over them. Those are moments when you are moved to evolve or shift your perspective about a goal or world view.

Many things can trigger those moments. It might have been caused by a tragedy, a victory or the advice of a family member or friend.

We all impact each other in many ways. I know that there have been many people in my life who have unintentionally guided my path.

I’ve continuously made an effort to look back and try to identify those moments in my life. They have become metaphors for my value system. I love using those moments to express ideas to people in a meaningful way.

Many of us have also experienced traumatic moments that we may think are best to forget. You may be correct. But it’s important to know that although we try to ignore or forget those difficult times, we always end up carrying them as well.

I highly recommend that you take some time to identify those moments and do your best to understand them, so we can begin to carry them with purposeful understanding. Become your inspiration, and find the courage to follow the mentoring from the life you are living.

You likely have been carrying the answers to your burning questions all along.

Partner Alex Raffi also serves as Imagine’s creative director.

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