Our Favorite . . . Holiday Traditions

We asked the Imagine team what their favorite holiday traditions were and here are the responses. What are your favorite traditions? Share with us on Facebook!
“’A Christmas Story’ marathon.” – Brian

“Every Christmas Eve, my sister and I sleep at my parents’ house, stay up late and wrap presents and drink cocoa while we catch up and watch “A Christmas Story” for the millionth time. Since my sister only comes home at Christmas, we usually have my grandmother’s tacos for Christmas dinner.” – Tiffannie

“Decorating cookies for Santa.” – Cynthia

“Shopping, wrapping and giving out gifts to our church and bus kids. It’s always a joy to see their faces light up and beam with glee as they receive their gifts.” – Diana

“When I was a kid, all of the houses in a local cul-de-sac called Hondo Court would paint their garages with fun Christmas murals and decorate their houses and yards. They did it every year for several years, attracting residents from all over the area. Going there was one of my favorite holiday traditions.” – Melissa

“Attending Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve is my favorite holiday tradition. The dimmed lights and smaller crowd contribute to a beautiful church experience.” – Nadia

“Although I miss the traditions of my Holiday’s spent in Nevada with family I’ve recently begun making some new traditions in Florida which keep the holidays festive. A new favorite is attending the local Christmas parade / holiday market where the community comes together and welcomes the winter months with holiday cheer.” – Julie

“When Elli was 4 she made a star for the tree out of cardboard, tinfoil, glitter and a toilet paper roll. It was shaped more like the space shuttle than a star. Last year it fell apart so we bought one. Now I imagine our new tradition will be wishing we still had that space shuttle star.” – Alex

“I love spending extra time with my family during the holidays. My favorite tradition since I was a kid was opening our stockings. It was always a surprise what would be inside!” – Megan

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