Ten web design & development resources to save

This year has been full of web design, development and countless hours full of troubleshooting. I can’t help but feel like it might be the perfect time to jot down my current list of resources that help me find inspiration, provide me with some must-know information and, of course, help me troubleshoot through the unavoidable…
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Instagram success

Social media success comes in all shapes

I recently attended the tail end of Premiere Orlando, one of the larger hair and beauty industry shows of the year. While I was there, I kept overhearing (okay, eavesdropping on) snippets of conversations from hairdressers about social media. There seemed to be two schools of thought: those who use it well and those who…
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Facebook Live Follow Up

Last Friday, Julie and Cynthia discussed best website practices during a Facebook Live event. They reviewed how to know when a website should be updated or overhauled, how to keep a site functioning after a build or update, and how to keep it secure. Click here or on the image below to download the reference…
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