10 Easy Steps To Build A Road With Perma-Zyme

Project Details

Client: Substrata

Date: October 2018

Category: Animation

Project Participants

Account Director: Sheri Long

Animator: Meagan McCall

Project Description

Substrata specializes in natural enzyme compounds, but we wondered –- how do they work? Animations are a great way to visually explain complicated ideas, so our design team created one that demonstrates how to build a road with Substrata’s product Perma-Zyme, which transforms soil to concrete-like hardness. This animation is fun and educational, using bright colors and tiny construction workers (and a squirrel!) to break down the construction process into 10 easy steps. Each step adds a new dimension from soil testing to final top coat. The video took a somewhat complicated idea and made it easy to understand. So, if you didn’t know how Perma-Zyme worked before, you do now!