Blue. River. Apple.

by Nancy Nelson

Project Details

Client: Nancy Nelson

Date: August 2014 & April 2017

Category: Books & Publications


Project Participants

Account Director: Brian Rouff

Art Director: Cynthia Carbajal

Senior Designer: Julie Varley

Graphic Designer: Meagan McCall

Project Description

Imagine Communications has helped authors get their books to market for many years. Our services range from ghost writing to editing, and cover design to internal layout. Author Nancy Nelson was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer ’s disease in 2014 and began chronicling her journey through poetry, despite never having written a poem previously. The resulting book is “Blue. River. Apple,”an exploration of Alzheimer’s through poetry that is at once raw, emotional and ultimately inspirational.

Imagine created the cover design and the inventive internal layout that uses a variety of typestyles, sizes and other graphic elements to deliver the powerful emotional punch of each piece in a way that goes beyond words. Not only has the book connected with a large audience struggling with similar challenges, the process has been cathartic and healing for Nancy herself. She has recently completed a sequel to continue assisting those on a parallel path.