CCHPA HCC Animation

Project Details

Client: HCC

Date: April 2019

Category: Animation

Project Participants

Account Director: Sheri Long

Animator: Alex Raffi

Project Description

In the summer of 2018, the Department of Labor reinstated Associated Health Plans. Almost immediately, the Henderson Chamber of Commerce partnered with other local chambers, forming the Clark County Health Plan Association (CCHPA). In order to spread the word effectively, the Henderson Chamber commissioned Imagine to help develop a campaign to explain the health plans to its members.

One of the tools the design team created was an animation, which is a good way to convey complicated information. The team combined the health plan information with creative and bold graphics to keep the viewer engaged and deliver the facts in just under three minutes. This animation -– completed 100% in house -– was a total success that resulted in a happy client, a well-informed viewer and an accomplished design team.