Coloring Book

Northeastern Nevada Museum

Project Details

Client: Northeastern Nevada Museum

Date: July 2015

Category: Graphic Design


Project Participants

Account Director: Brian Rouff

Art Director & Illustrator: Cynthia Carbajal

Project Description

The Northeastern Nevada Museum, featuring animals and artifacts native to the West, was not experiencing robust membership growth from year to year. Despite a partnership with the local school district to bring children in for tours, the museum needed a way to leverage the good will by sending information home with the kids that they could share with their parents.

In response, Imagine Communications developed a custom coloring and sticker book featuring the animals on display, as well as brain-teaser puzzles and games using museum concepts. The final page of the book contained a membership form that parents could fill out and return to the museum. The client was so pleased with the results that they retained our services to create a wayfinding app and directional signage featuring the same original animal art.