Creative Courage Media Kit

Project Details

Client: Creative Courage

Date: 2018

Category: Public Relations


Project Participants

Account Directors: Alex Raffi

Graphic Designer: Meagan McCall

Project Description

Creative Courage by Alex Raffi is all about inspiring and harnessing your creative capacity. This media kit reflects the courageous spirit of Alex, the creative inspiration he provides and the lasting impact he’s left on those who have attended his workshops. The design of this media kit puts the creative brand at the forefront with the red and gold color scheme, modeled after that of old theaters. The content of this kit features background on Alex and the workshop, including thoughtfully illustrated infographics, which are all cohesive with the Creative Courage brand. The media kit also offers testimonials of those who have mustered up their creative courage along with like-minded media pieces. While media kits can be plain, the public relations and design departments worked together to make this one worthy of the Creative Courage name.