Mini Medispa

Project Details

Client: GlitterMe

Date: September 2016

Category: Branding

Project Participants

Account Director: Megan Neri

Art Director: Cynthia Carbajal

Senior Designer & Webmaster: Julie Varley

Junior Designer: Meagan McCall

Project Description

In 2016, Sean Gupton approached Imagine with an idea and a plan. He was in need of a communications team to make his vision a reality. Sean and his wife had recently moved to Las Vegas from Hawaii and after many years running a quick-care clinic, they were looking to start a new business model. Sean is a physician, and he and his wife saw an opportunity to reach young women seeking beauty treatments often found in a spa setting, but whose pockets aren’t quite as deep as the traditional older woman targeted by the spa industry. He and his wife had chosen the name “GlitterMe” for their new “mini-spa” concept, and they came to Imagine to make their dream a reality. We started with a discovery meeting to truly understand their vision and target audience, and with a suggested color pallet our design team went to work. We developed a logo, letterhead, business cards, envelopes and website that spoke to the fabulous, fun and hopeful nature of GlitterMe’s potential clientele.