Hi Scores Desert Companion

Project Details

Client: HiScores

Category: Public Relations

Website: hiscoreslv.com

Project Participants

Account Directors: Sheri Long

Photographer: Tiffannie Bond

Director of Public Relations: Tiffannie Bond

Project Description

Desert Companion frequently features fun cocktails from bars around the Las Vegas Valley in its “Drink it Now” feature. Hi Scores Bar Arcade mixologist Michael Ramirez created the Joy Stick (recipe below) aptly named to be served in a bar where free video games are the main draw (besides the cocktails and food, of course).

The client didn’t have any high-resolution photos of the cocktail, so we sent out our company photographer to snap a few. We submitted two shots of the cocktail to the publication =– one with a bright green background and the other sitting atop a sit-down, four person Pac-Man video game. The creator of the cocktail held the light as our photographer tried various angles and waited for the ghosts and Pac-Man to come by the glass for the perfect shot.

Originally pitched to the magazine in July, it was difficult to imagine how it would taste in October, but as with many publications, to be early is to be just in time.

The Joy Stick

Created by Michael Ramirez, mixologist for Hi Scores Bar Arcade

1.5 oz. Prairie Organic Cucumber Vodka

.5 oz. Mr. Boston watermelon schnapps

2 wheels fresh cut cucumber (muddled)

.5 oz. fresh lime juice

.5 oz. simple syrup

1 sprig of mint for decoration


Put all ingredients in the mixing glass

Add 2 wheels of fresh cut cucumber, muddle

Add ice and shake

Strain into 8-ounce wine glass

Garnish with fresh sprig of mint