Project Details

Client: Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence

Date: 2016

Category: Website Design & Development


Project Participants

Account Director: Megan Neri

Art Director & Webmaster: Cynthia Carbajal

Senior Designer & Webmaster: Julie Varley

Junior Designer: Meagan McCall 

Project Description

The Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (NCEDSV) needed a branded website that met the needs of two audiences: the organization members it served directly and potential domestic or sexual violence survivors looking for local resources. Knowing this ahead of time, Imagine designed the site making these items a priority. Member organizations can find resources and training materials easily through the navigation bar, while survivors can find a map to locate services offered locally. The site also includes an “Escape” button making it easy to leave the site with little to no trace that it was ever visited. This detail was requested by the client to safeguard survivors’ safety.