SAFE Electronics

Project Details

Client: SAFE Electronics

Date: April 2017

Category: Websites

Project Participants

Account Director: Brian Rouff

Senior Designer & Webmaster: Julie Varley

SAFE Electronics has been helping protect people and property in the Las Vegas area since 1984, offering a broad range of low voltage system design and installation of fire alarm and fire suppression systems, security alarms, surveillance CCT and more.

When SAFE came to us to do a complete rebuild of their website, they asked for innovative navigation features, sophisticated internal animations, and other bells and whistles that were, frankly, beyond anything we had developed to that point. Never ones to run from a challenge, we did extensive research, along with good old fashioned trial error, to ensure that we satisfied their requirements. Not only did our web development team learn a lot of cool new stuff, they had fun doing it. And our future website clients will benefit from our newly-expanded skillset.