Sheet Metal Workers Local 104

Sheet Metal Workers Local 104 Bay Area Training Fund Logo

Project Details

Client: Sheet Metal Workers Local 104

Date: July 2018

Category: Branding


Project Participants

Account Director: Nadia Zerka

Art Director: Cynthia Carbajal

Project Description

Logos are one of the most important parts of branding. They are the ultimate representation of a business or organization and provide the uniform the brand wears every day. Sheet Metal Workers Local 104’s training center was in need of a logo that presented some fun challenges –- create three similar logos for three districts while illustrating each location and maintaining the overall identity of Local 104.

As you can imagine, this project took a great deal of collaboration between the client, account manager and design team to create a final product that is bold, colorful and dignified.

Instead of using a map to show each district’s location, three blocks each signify one district. When laid over a map of California, those blocks line up with each district’s geographical area. Once a color scheme was decided, each district was highlighted on its logo to identify its location in relation to the others. The crisp, clean design for the logo kept the meaning at the forefront, allowing it to convey a complex message –- although they are one, each district is an individual.