Read the Directions

I recently purchased a pair of yurbuds earphones after the pair I’d been using for two years suddenly stopped working. Because I needed (okay, wanted) a new pair RIGHT NOW, I did a quick bit of internet research and saw this brand was on sale and in stock at my local Sam’s Club. Good enough for me.

Except they weren’t.

The kit I bought had two sets of earphones: a wired, over the ear set and a wireless earbud set. I quickly opened both boxes, anxious to try them on and start using them. Neither set fit comfortably in my ears, though. I was annoyed that I had to go back to the store and start the process over. Until I did something I usually don’t do. I read the directions. I saw the ear had to be set a certain way and then you had to twist it another way to set it in your ear. Once I followed the directions, both sets fit comfortably in my ear and provided a higher quality sound experience than my old set.

As a society, we often rush through the process to get to the end result and start the next task. We click to agree and install without reading the terms, we wing a recipe we saw on Pinterest, we quickly glance over artwork before sending to print. Sometimes the shortcuts work, often they don’t.

Taking a few extra minutes to read the directions could have saved me the frustration. It was a good reminder that slowing down isn’t inefficient – it’s necessary.

Nadia Zerka is an account manager at Imagine Communications. She can be contacted via email.

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