Ready to blog? Read this first.

If I had to recommend one marketing piece to a client, it would be to blog – and that scares a lot of people. It may be because they don’t understand what a blog is or are worried they don’t have enough to say. Having a blog, whether for business or personal use, is beneficial on many levels. You add content, which helps sites like Google rank you higher in search engine results. It’s multifaceted, in that you can use it as a sounding board, to share information or even to promote your work. You can even use it to make money by securing advertisers or driving sales.

Have I convinced you to start a blog yet? I hope so! Either way, read on for some blogging tips and ideas.

  • Choose a platform. There are many blogging sites available (and lots of free options), or you can choose to host it on your current website. WordPress is one of the most well-known sites for blogging and is used by many bloggers.
  • Dedicate time to brainstorm blog ideas. Think about information you want to know, knowledge you want to share, questions your customers have asked, experiences you’ve had as both an owner and customer, etc. This way, when you have the time or desire to start writing, you are halfway there.
  • Let go of the idea that blog posts have to be long posts. Often, the best ideas are the ones that can be communicated quickly.
  • Be consistent. There are schools of thought that say to only blog when you have something to say. I disagree when it comes to blogging for your business. Not only will your readers expect new material, but the additional content will also assist in your search engine optimization (SEO) ranks and results.
  • Be unoriginal. If you read another blog that you like or believe your customers will find value in, ask the author if you can post it on your blog. As long as you provide a link to the original post and credit the original author, most people will give you permission to repost.
  • Pay attention to feedback. You will be surprised with what may strike a chord with readers. If you find you’ve gotten a lot of comments or shares on a certain topic, keep writing about it.
  • Have fun with it! A blog is not only a place to write. You can use it to launch new products, share what’s happening in your office, or even post your favorite recipes. It doesn’t have to be all business all the time when it comes to business blogging.

If you decide to start blogging, or already have a blog, share your experiences with us in the comments.

Nadia Zerka is an account manager at Imagine Communications. She can be contacted via email.

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