Recycle your PR

Making the most of what you’ve got is always important. This is especially true these days.

If you are creating new releases to promote your company to media, here are a few quick tips that will help not only extend the life of your PR efforts but help you grab a little extra attention while you’re at it.

Post releases to your Web site: If you haven’t already, add a “news” section to your site and regularly post fresh articles to it. Not only will this enhance your site’s search engine optimization rankings, but it gives visitors a reason to come back to your site on a regular basis.

Hyperlink your e-mail signatures: Most of us already include our primary company Web site address in our e-mail signature. It’s time to beef it up. If you’re regularly updating your site with newsworthy content, regularly update your e-mail signature to include a headline, of sorts, that hyperlinks directly that article on your Web site.

Create news release one-sheets or order reprints of published pieces: Having media publish a glowing story about your company is like hitting a marketing gold mine. Take that story and share it with your other contacts who may not have seen it in the paper or on TV. Include copies of the piece within your sales kits and proposals. Post a link to it on your Web site and hyperlink your e-mail signature to it. If your story wasn’t published, create a news release one-sheet with your logo on it and continue to use in the same fashion for your sales kits, etc.

Post article/TV spots to your social networking sites: Your social networking sites are the perfect venue to post PR successes. Engage your community of contacts by posting your PR successes and news releases online. You’ll be pleased to see their response.

Turning a news release and successful PR opportunities into a multiple use piece for your company is easy to do if you’re willing to venture into new marketing territory.

Amber Stidham is the Director of Strategic Planning for Imagine Marketing.
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