Risky business

Creative Director Alex Raffi and I have something in common. We’re both Virgos. And it’s been my experience that there are two types of Virgos out there. The ones who live and breathe by the traits associated with this Zodiac sign (organized, reliable, reserved, cautious, list makers) and the ones who don’t. I fall into the former category. Alex? Well, if you know Alex, you know the answer to that one.

I recently sent out a link to a thread on Reddit where a marketer had conducted a quick and dirty Facebook experiment. He shared the results, and it sparked an interesting conversation, both on Reddit and within Imagine. Alex responded to the post with one eye-opening, mind-changing line:

The biggest lesson to learn is the fact that he actually experimented.

I had one of those aha! moments Oprah always talks about. I’m the overly cautious Virgo. When I think strategies through from a client mindset, I figure what could negatively affect them so I can work to prevent them. Alex’s simple statement has me rethinking my own strategies. Maybe it’s okay to have a little bit of a negative impact for a larger positive impact. If we don’t try something different, we won’t know anything different.

While I don’t intend to throw caution to the wind going forward, I do plan to be a little less reserved and a little more like that other type of Virgo.

Have you ever made a risky, be it small or big, decision? What were the outcomes? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Account Manager Nadia Zerka may be open to taking a few more risks but will never give up making lists.


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