Sam Gogna: Intern

Join us in welcoming our newest intern, Sam Gogna, to the Imagine family. Sam hails from the city of Langley in the United Kingdom and joined us in May. Learn more about Sam below and drop a note to say “hello!”

Why did you choose Las Vegas?
I have been taking a trip here every year for the past five years and it is my second home, so I was familiar with the surroundings here in Sin City.

What type of projects will you be working on?
I’m currently working on social media for a soccer organization. I’m sure more projects will pass my way in the time to come.

Have you tried anything new since you moved?
S’mores. Tiffannie had this look of disbelief on her face when she found I never had one. I never knew what they were, so she made me try them. All I have to say is “Gooey!”

What is your favorite type of food?
Italian food hits the spot for me! But I won’t pass on steak and eggs!

Where is your favorite spot to travel to?
Any reggae record shop; I love to dig through vintage vinyl and see what rarities I can scoop up.

Favorite quote?
“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold.” – Bob Marley

A collector of rare reggae/dub vinyl records, Sam also runs his own small, independent dub record label called Melodic Rockers.

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