Selling yourself through other people’s products

I recently purchased a swimsuit from a Florida-based retailer. I realize we’re nearly halfway through summer already, but it’s Vegas. I figure I still have a good three to four months of use I can get out of my new suit this year.

To my delight, I received my swimsuit by mail this week. Better yet, as a marketer, I was even more delighted to see promotional flyers included in my package, all of which were from outside companies who sold moisturizers, jewelry and ceramic figurines. I tried to resist browsing through the flyers, but to no avail. All flyers were read thoroughly – except for the figurine piece. (Ceramics aren’t my thing.)

The swimwear company, and its partner advertisers, snagged me. They successfully targeted their demographic of 30-something women who somewhat take an interest in their appearance. Therefore, I browsed.

There’s a good lesson to reiterate from my experience, one that is often overlooked by businesses, and that is the importance of knowing your audience and finding partnership opportunities that provide you access to your audience. The opportunities are always there if you look hard enough.

In my case, they got me and got me good. (I expect to receive my moisturizers via mail next week.)

*Blog originally appeared at: The Biz-E Gal: Life as a Marketing Pro & Parent

Amber Stidham is the director of strategic planning at Imagine Marketing.
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