PSA from your customer: Love your business; don’t devalue your brand

I’m a customer. I buy things. I know the struggle of wanting to save a few bucks by shopping around. But, unlike some consumers, I understand the cheapest option is not always the best. There is an amount of quality you sacrifice when you only look for the cheapest option. Same goes for marketing. Websites,…
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Living your brand

Let’s go to the mall! I want to share an experience I had while shopping. You walk in one store and they ignore you. You’re left to your own devices as you try to navigate the different product offerings and decide what, if anything, is best for you. Meanwhile the staff continues their conversations amongst…
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Coca-Cola’s Branding is Genius

One of my favorite brands is Coca-Cola, not just because their soda is delicious and addictive, but also because their branding is genius. They do an amazing job at being subtle and creative. Just look at their current campaign. They are using music lyrics to promote their products, similar to the “Share a Coke” campaign…
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Read this blog written by our Public Relations Director/Photographer, Tiffannie Bond.

Smile, even when it’s raining

It is common knowledge Disney is famous for its customer service (among other things, of course), which is a reason I, for one, enjoy going to Disneyland. It’s clean and well maintained, and the people are generally happy. Slap on one of the park’s free “happy birthday” buttons, and every cast member in the park…
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Why “libraries” didn’t fly in Seattle

Branding: It’s more than just a logo. A logo is a visual representation of a brand — a memorable nametag for an organization that, overtime, is associated with a feeling or emotional response based on its use. But a brand, as a whole, includes an organization’s name, the message it conveys visually as well as…
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