Keeping your company customer-centric

Between determining allocation for new projects and looking at future investments, sometimes the focus of your company can turn away from the customer. It’s something that easily happens when business owners are trying to keep the doors open, and it can even sneak up on you when you think everything is just fine. The point…
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Thinking small, even if you’re not

I was recently in the market for a laptop. I know enough about computers to know that I didn’t need anything flashy or huge. I just wanted something that would give me more functionality than my iPad when I’m traveling or working remotely. Oh, and I wanted to spend, like, $5 on it. I started…
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What the heck is client relations?

As it stands today, Imagine is split into three different departments: Graphics, Media Relations and Client Relations. The first two are pretty straightforward, but the last tends to send people for a loop. So, what is client relations? I am so glad you asked! The client relations department is the home to our account managers,…
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