Decrease stress… increase productivity with rockin’ results

Sometimes we lose sight of the right way to work with one another when things get busy. We have to remember that although increased work is a positive result of growth in a company, it can also result in an increased level of stress and company tension. Here are some ways to avoid increasing stress…
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Why does iMAGiNE exist?

I was asked to write a blog based on this question: “Why does Imagine exist?” I could say it’s a place people go to earn a salary. I could go into a formal description of Imagine Communications as a business that helps other businesses encourage the distribution and sales of goods and services. I could…
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Office ‘verts’ unite

Last week I came across a blog, Corporate Culture for Introverts by Lisa Barone. In her piece, Lisa acknowledges her company’s effort to learn – and willingness to embrace – its employees’ various working styles. She also acknowledged that, while it’s great that more companies are moving toward this type of management style, it’s also…
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