“We’ll Figure it Out”

My business partner Alex Raffi has a favorite saying: “We’ll figure it out.” He says this when we’re in the middle of a particularly sticky situation; some graphic design challenge or technical compatibility issue that isn’t in the manual. (Confession: We don’t even own a manual.) We’re on a tight deadline, the client is counting…
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How a restaurant could have turned a catastrophe into an opportunity

A couple of weeks ago my colleague, Megan Lane, wrote about businesses that have problems dealing with marketing campaigns that are “too successful.” This week, my wife and I experienced that situation first-hand. One of our favorite local Chinese restaurant chains offered a “2 Entrees for $10” special in honor of its 10th anniversary. When…
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Diversification can save your bacon

During the ancient days of marketing – roughly three years ago – I believed that businesses should focus on a very narrow set of skills, products and services. That philosophy had always served me and my clients well during my three decades in the field. Recent economic developments have led me to rethink my position.…
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