Why does iMAGiNE exist?

I was asked to write a blog based on this question: “Why does Imagine exist?” I could say it’s a place people go to earn a salary. I could go into a formal description of Imagine Communications as a business that helps other businesses encourage the distribution and sales of goods and services. I could…
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Stroll down memory lane with the Imagine team

Imagine team members share their favorite holiday memories and traditions. Enjoy this stroll down memory lane! Megan: Growing up my Dad would always stuff our stockings with practical joke gifts like hot dogs and fake dog poop. You never knew what you were going to get! Melissa: A few years ago, Marek (my then boyfriend,…
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“Imagine.” I mean, that’s John Lennon, right? [10th Anniv. Special Edition]

I moved to Nevada from Kalamazoo, Michigan in October of 2007. While in Michigan, I had worked at the same job for 20 years – as the office manager for one of the largest academic departments at a major Michigan university. Although the College of Business was big, our staff functioned like a family. Between…
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