PSA from your customer: Love your business; don’t devalue your brand

I’m a customer. I buy things. I know the struggle of wanting to save a few bucks by shopping around. But, unlike some consumers, I understand the cheapest option is not always the best. There is an amount of quality you sacrifice when you only look for the cheapest option. Same goes for marketing. Websites,…
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Resolution Matters: What is DPI and why do I need to know?

Picture this: you’ve been looking at the numbers for your company and feel like you could benefit from some advertising. There’s a photo on your website you’ve always liked and know that you definitely want it in this ad. So, you come up with a market to target, buy a full-page space in a magazine,…
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Designer website resources

As a designer, it is so important to have a range of resources available for finding inspiration and/or becoming educated on the current industry news and standards. Through my process of writing a blog last week, I was given the opportunity to discover some great resources I plan to use for inspiration and thought they…
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