Designer website resources

As a designer, it is so important to have a range of resources available for finding inspiration and/or becoming educated on the current industry news and standards. Through my process of writing a blog last week, I was given the opportunity to discover some great resources I plan to use for inspiration and thought they…
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This was a blog written by our very own Senior Designer, Julie Varley.

Julie Varley: Senior Designer

Join us in congratulating Julie Varley on her promotion to Senior Designer. Julie has been with Imagine Communications for more than three years and is a wonderful asset to the team. Her positive nature and fresh outlook on life feed into and elevate her work. She has an eye for layout and brand consistency and is…
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How to speak like a graphic designer

How to Speak Like a Graphic Designer

The industry of graphic design is similar to other industries in that once you become comfortable and have experience in the field you may confuse those around you with what comes off as a foreign language. Whether you are a designer or an account manager, it may feel as though everyone knows what you’re talking…
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Contestant implements marketing techniques to come out on top

Currently I’m watching “The Great Food Truck Race,” a reality show that pits gourmet food trucks against one another as they travel from city to city. Each week, the team with the lowest profits is sent home. Nom Nom Truck caught my attention after winning the first two weeks with profits nearly double those of…
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