Farewell, “sweetheart”

In two short weeks, our own Amber Stidham will officially join a team of professionals to help launch one of the most highly anticipated, cutting-edge performing arts center in the United States, The Smith Center. As our team prepares to say good-bye to our resident “long timer,” I can’t help but take a few moments…
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Creative maturity: managing your ego

Much of our lives are spent analyzing things like the environment, politics, society, economics, art, parenting, crime, war, religion, etc. The list could go on forever. But one vital thing we tend to forget to do is to acknowledge our own ego amidst our day-to-day lives. It is our ego that motivates most of our…
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Stan Lee method of creating comics based on trust

I have always been a Stan Lee fan – mainly for his creative accomplishments and innovation in the field of comic books. If you don’t already know, he is the creator of Marvel Comics. During the early years he was confronted with the daunting task of creating a 32-page graphic novel on deadline. He figured…
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